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How to create a Baidu SEO strategy for increasing ranking, organic traffic and sales

Whether you operate in the travel industry, higher-education, e-commerce sector or B2B markets, creating a tailor-made Baidu SEO strategy is essential for your Western brand to master in order to succeed in the China market.

What to know about Baidu
Baidu is China’s answer to Google, with more than 800 million Chinese internet users and about 70% of the country’s market share. Its value lies in answering two main questions for Western marketers:

1. How can my Western brand be found by Chinese online customers, and;
2. How can I build a trusted brand in China?

With the right Baidu SEO strategy, Western brands can be easily found by their target Chinese audience. They can also be strongly positioned as a trusted provider of the types of products and services that Chinese customers want (remembering that Western brands are viewed as being desirable and of high-quality in China.)

Like Google, but different
It’s useful to note that Baidu uses different algorithms to Western search engines and operates by targeting unique online behaviours of its Chinese users. It also operates within a distinct culture that goes way beyond a different language, including cultural differences, legalities, user behaviour, technical considerations and censorship. This means that different, highly targeted techniques must be used to build your Western brand sustainably in China’s search engine rankings.

The power of Baidu
Get your Baidu strategy right and you will:

– Increase the volumes of targeted Chinese customers landing on your Chinese website through organic search
– Build your ranking for targeted Chinese keywords on Baidu
– Optimise your web page indexing for visibility and SERPS alike
– Grow quality leads, customer enquiries and those all-important sales.

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