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How to get more organic traffic

Again, an integrated digital marketing strategy will support your SEO ranking activity. Organic traffic will grow as your keyword strategy and delivery begins to embed and your website optimisation pays off. Equally, your brand’s Chinese social media activities on platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, Little Red Book and Youku – combined with review websites – should seamlessly direct traffic to your target landing pages.

How to drive sales with Baidu SEO
Evidencing success
Baidu provides its own Baidu Tongji (Analytics) and Baidu Ziyuan (Webmaster) tools so that brands can assess the success of their work and see where ongoing adjustments and refinements can be made. These tools are extremely valuable and offer powerful insights, but they are in Chinese, so many Western brands prefer to use the services of a Chinese digital marketing agency to provide an expert translation. We provide tailored and customised reports that assess performance and flag up next-step activities for ongoing development.

How we work
Every one of our Western clients has a unique brand. Rather than attempting to apply a standardised approach to Baidu SEO, we work to really understand your business and to carefully define your objectives. By paying attention to the detail, we can craft highly effective strategies that bring you returns. Typical activities will span competitor research through to content preparation, website optimisation and social media integration, through to follow-up analytics to evidence success. At all stages, our helpful team will act as a ready extension of your own business, to deliver a quality service that rapidly demonstrates its value.

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Market Me China is the Chinese digital marketing partner of choice for Western brands looking to expand into this growing, lucrative and highly attractive market. With the Chinese audience only accessible through an array of localised digital channels which are unfamiliar in the West, our services make it easy to fast-track to success. Contact us to find out more.

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